What Are You Reading This August?

It’s summertime and we know what that means–summer reading! 

Here are just a few recommendations for your TBR list this month: 

Mood: Family Drama!

Our Rec: STEPPING STONES from Lucy Knisley

New home, new family, new sisters, new drama! This fantastic middle-grade debut from the amazing Lucy Knisley is perfect for any reader who is going through a tough place, and needs a cathartic release! Following her parents divorce, young Jen is moved to the country with her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend–and he comes with two daughters of his own! Learning to navigate a new home is hard enough, but having to find your voice and place in a new family is so much harder. But Jen will find her strength as she discovers her uniqueness is what makes her special.

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Mood: Hilarious Space Hijinks!

Our Rec: ONCE UPON A SPACE-TIME! by Jeffrey Brown

Let’s be real… we could all use a break from planet earth right now. And that’s just what this hilarious new book delivers! When Jide and Petra are selected to join their new alien classmates on a intergalactical research mission to Mars, they have no idea that things will soon turn to chaos when they accidentally take off an adventure with no adult supervision. Hilarious adventures will have every reader laughing hysterically as you read this next great story!

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Mood: Adventures with your furry BFF!

Our Rec: ASTER AND THE ACCIDENTAL MAGIC from Thom Pico and Karensac

Aster is all of us. A girl who loves her video games and living in the big city. So when her parents move her to the middle of NOWHERE you can imagine our reaction–UGH! The worst! But soon she’ll meet a weird lady with a heard of dogs, and one of those dogs will become her BFF, and soon she’ll meet a trickster who will let her talk to her dog–but only in dog language. And this is just the beginning.

Get ready for hilarious adventures of a girl, her dog, and magic gone wrong!

Stay tuned for more recommendations in the coming months!

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