Social Emotional Learners!

We all have a lot of feelings– especially kids! And comics are an amazing way to explore and understand these feelings through the use of visual cues. So check out these two new books all about feelings and emotions, in a wonderful graphic novel format!


from Melanie Watt

The time is now for this anxious little guy: Scaredy Squirrel is back with a brand-new graphic novel series! He’s funnier (and scared-ier) than ever.

     Scaredy is happy to stay in his nut tree. Why would he ever leave? The outside is filled with dangers. Like aliens! And dust! And a certain fluffy bunny who likes to pop up! But things don’t always go as planned, even for a super-prepared squirrel. When he has to venture out of his tree and onto the ground, Scaredy panics and plays dead . . . but maybe the fluffy bunny’s not so scary after all? In a nutshell, Scaredy might just make a new friend, if he is brave enough. . . .

Perfect for fans of NARWHAL AND JELLY!

On Sale: June 15, 2021 | Chapter Book GN


from Suzanne Lang & Max Lang

In the first book in this new young graphic novel series, Jim Panzee, star of the #1 New York Times bestseller Grumpy Monkey, searches for the perfect orange stress ball.

It’s Wednesday! Which means it’s time for Jim Panzee’s weekly Wednesday walk. Jim’s favorite part: the blissful silence, when he can hear all the jungle sounds. Until . . . his best buddy, Norman—and every other animal in the jungle—decides to join him.

Jim grabs his stress orange to calm his nerves . . . but when he squeezes a bit too hard, the stress orange goes squish. So Jim and his not-so-helpful friends must cross the jungle to get another stress orange before it is too late! 

Perfect for fans of the original GRUMPY MONKEY picture books!

On Sale: June 29, 2021 | Chapter Book GN

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