What are you reading this summer?

It’s summertime and we know what that means–summer reading! 

Here are just a few recommendations for your TBR list this month: 


Mood: Summer Vibes!

Our Rec: SUNCATCHER from Jose Pimienta

You may be missing the feeling of going to a live concert, but this fantastic new story will immerse you in the rhythm of the 90’s Mexicali scene! Enjoy a story about passion and music, where a young girl discovers the soul of her late-grandfather is trapped in a guitar! In order to free him, she must play the perfect song. But in her quest to free him, she may doom herself.

Where is the line between passion and obsession? You’ll find out when you add this to your TBR pile!


Mood: Adventures with your bff! 

Our Rec: BUG BOYS from Laura Knetzger

Stag-B and Rhino-B are best bug friends. They go to the beach, they read books, they explore the world of Bug Village. They have their ups and downs, but friendship is always at the core. This wonderful book will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. And BONUS–there are more bug adventures to come in Spring ’21!

Spend some time with your new bffs! You can get BUG BOYS now!


Mood: Romance!

Our Rec: WITCHLIGHT from Jessi Zabarsky

Two women–one a witch–start on an epic quest as enemies and then fall in love. What is not to LOVE about this premise?! This beautifully illustrated romantic fantasy is sure to warm your heart and keep you turning the page. As the two women set out on a mission to uncover the truth of Lelek’s powers (and why she is missing some of them) their understanding and compassion for one another will leave you feeling happy and content.

A bewitching tale for any romantic. You can read this now.

Stay tuned for more recommendations in the coming months!

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